2013 Travelers to Daroc

UUCD Dove & Serpent* (Partner Church Committee)

We covenant with The Daroc Church in Transylvania via The Partner Church Council.

In 2013 Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council organized a trip to Transylvania for us to connect with historic roots of Unitarianism and with our partner church in Homorod Daroc, Romania. Participants: Karen and Ramon Urbano, Sharon Hale, Joan Stek, Peg  and Walt Swain, Robin Datel and Dennis Dingemans, Julie Saylor, and Terry Parker. Read more about the pilgrimage here.

3/16/14 sermon, "The Search for Common Ground"
Guest Minister: Rev. Karoly Vass, Balázs Scholar

11/1013 sermon, "Pilgrimage to our Partners"

Presentation: Trip to Transylvania

News from the Balazs Scholars program 2016_01

*UUCD's Partner Church Committee has taken the name Dove & Serpent. The symbol for Hungarian Unitarians, both in Transylvania and in Hungary, is the dove and the serpent, reminding people to be wise as the serpent and gentle as the dove. It is a symbol far older than the Flaming Chalice.