Campus Minisrty

UUCD Campus Ministry

Community, Spirituality, Support and Fun!

Students from any local college or university are welcome. 

We meet for a free vegetarian dinner and discussion on Thursdays at 6:00 pm at The Belfry (216 A Street, Davis).  A typical meeting starts with lighting the chalice and talking about business (like retreats and other upcoming events), dishing up some homemade food provided by a church member, singing grace together, and checking in about our week while we eat.  After seconds and dessert, we set aside the dishes, and begin our discussion or activity for the evening.  At 8pm we conclude our session, wash the dishes together, and take home leftovers!

Most years, UUCD has a Ministerial Intern who acts as Campus Minister and facilitates this group.

To join us, please just show up. Questions can be directed to

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Our 2012-13 Covenant (a living document):

We, the members of the UU Campus Ministry Group in Davis, in order to build and strengthen community, grow spiritually, support one another, and have fun, covenant to:

Make this a safe space so we can share freely. As a safe space, we will be open and accepting and strive to support each other in our differences. All identities are respected and valued here and confidentiality for sensitive topics will be maintained. We will work together to call out non-inclusive language and ensure that all members feel welcomed and accepted.

Respect others talking and their silence. When others are talking we will wait until they are finished to begin speaking. Desire to speak may be indicated by a hand gesture. If someone wishes to not speak on a subject, their desire to pass will be respected and not questioned.

Share the floor/table. We strive to include others and refrain from dominating conversations.

Be attentive to the group and others. As part of a loving community, we will check in with our fellow members as necessary to ensure that they are feeling comfortable and free to speak.

Voice concerns as they come up. Concerns with the community shall be addressed in a timely manner with the appropriate people. Discretion is preferable if the situation involves specific people.

Respect and maintain our meeting place and community. We will all contribute equally to creating our campus ministry community, which means that we will all stay to clean up dishes at the end of meals and put away tables and chairs. If any tasks come up we will share them and ensure that one or a few people are not doing a disproportionate amount of work unless they desire to do so.